Experience matters.


WSBI Advisory Services builds on training and consultancy work done since the early 1990s by the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute (WSBI) and the European Savings and Retail Banking Group (ESBG). 

Our intellectual capital is based on the retail banking expertise of established and highly reputable co-founders that stretches over decades. Combined, these partners have implemented more than 300 projects in more than 100 countries around the world. 

So does having world-class ​​partners.


The largest retail banking network worldwide, WSBI represents the interests some 6,000 financial institutions​.

A track record that spans the globe.

CaixaBank is an ward-winning leader in Spain and beyond on the digital front, 

especially when it comes to online and mobile banking.


The Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation​ has two centuries of rich experience from the German Sparkassen.